Sustainability of Local Journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Local journalism plays a vital role in providing accurate and relevant information to the community it serves. It helps to hold local government and businesses accountable, and it serves as a platform for local voices and issues to be heard. However, the sustainability of local journalism has been challenged in recent years due to a number of factors, including the decline of print advertising revenue and the rise of digital media.

One way that local journalism organizations have tried to adapt to these changes is by building a digital presence and finding new sources of revenue, such as subscription models and partnerships with local businesses. Many local news organizations have also turned to philanthropic funding, grants, and crowdfunding campaigns to support their operations.

However, these efforts have not always been sufficient to sustain local journalism organizations, and many have had to scale back their operations or close down entirely. This has led to a decline in the number of reporters covering local news, which can have negative consequences for the communities they serve.

To address this issue, some have called for greater support for local journalism, including through public funding and tax incentives. Others have suggested that community-driven models, such as nonprofit or cooperative ownership structures, could provide a more sustainable model for local journalism.

Ultimately, the sustainability of local journalism will depend on finding a balance between traditional and new business models, and on finding ways to support and value the important role that local journalism plays in our communities.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, small local radio stations are often the most important media outlets for reaching remote communities and providing them with relevant and important information. These radio stations are often the only source of news and information for many communities, particularly in rural areas where access to other forms of media may be limited.

Local radio stations play a vital role in keeping communities informed about local events, issues, and news, and they provide a platform for local voices and perspectives to be heard. They can also serve as a valuable source of information during emergencies and natural disasters, when other forms of communication may be disrupted.

In addition to providing important news and information, local radio stations also play a role in bringing communities together and promoting a sense of unity and connection. They can serve as a hub for community events and activities, and they often provide a space for local musicians and artists to showcase their talents.

Overall, small local radio stations are a vital part of the media landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they play a crucial role in serving the needs and interests of local communities. It is important to support and sustain these radio stations, as they provide a valuable service to the communities they serve.

The Association of Local Media in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ALM) is an organization that provides support to its member local media outlets in the country. The ALM offers a range of resources and services to help its members improve and sustain their work, including legal, administrative, and advisory support, logistical and technical assistance, and access to free resources.

Some specific examples of the support and resources provided by the ALM to its member organizations include:

  • Legal assistance: The ALM provides legal assistance to its members, including advice on regulatory and compliance issues, help with drafting contracts and agreements, and representation in legal proceedings.
  • Administrative support: The ALM offers administrative support to its members, including help with organizing events and meetings, managing finances and budgets, and handling administrative tasks.
  • Advisory support: The ALM provides advice and guidance to its members on a range of issues related to their work, including best practices for journalism, digital media strategy, and sustainability.
  • Logistical and technical assistance: The ALM offers logistical and technical support to its members, including access to equipment and resources needed for their work, and assistance with technical issues.
  • Access to free resources: The ALM provides its members with access to a range of free resources, including training materials, templates and guides, and access to a network of experts and professionals.

Overall, the ALM aims to provide its member organizations with the support and resources they need to improve their work, enhance their digital presence, and sustain their local journalism in the interests of their local communities and society as a whole.

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