Protecting Media Independence and Objectivity in the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Role of Legal Measures and the Association of Local Media

Media independence is a crucial factor in the quality and objectivity of media content, which is why it is important for media outlets to remain independent from any external influences. The European Union has implemented several measures to protect editorial independence in the media. The first of these measures is the Broadcasting Act, which regulates media across the EU. This act ensures that media outlets are kept independent from political, economic, and other external influences, and that freedom of expression is respected.

The Directive on Audio Visual Media Services (AVMSD) is another important measure that relates to audio-visual media services, including television, films, and other content transmitted over the internet. This framework promotes editorial independence in the media and ensures that media outlets are kept independent from any external influences.

Concentration of media is another area in which the EU also works to ensure the independence and objectivity of media content. The EU has implemented several measures relating to media concentration control, including the Directive on Media Freedom and Media Pluralism and the Directive on Audio Visual Media Services. These directives ensure that media concentration is not allowed to become too great in the hands of certain corporations or groups, which could limit freedom of expression and the objectivity of media content.

Transparency in government advertising is also important for maintaining media independence and objectivity. The EU has implemented the Directive on Transparency in Government Advertising, which regulates the way in which public funds are used to finance media content. This directive ensures that public advertising funds are used in a transparent and independent manner, which helps to maintain media independence.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the media landscape is often marked by political and economic influences, which can threaten editorial independence. This is why the implementation of EU measures such as the Broadcasting Act, AVMSD, and the Directive on Transparency in Government Advertising are so important for media in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, small media outlets often struggle to assert their rights and freedoms independently, which is why the Association of Local Media was established. This association works to protect the interests of small media outlets and improve their status in society by advocating for the protection of media freedoms and independence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Association of Local Media will play a crucial role in improving the implementation of these legal norms and in working towards a better media environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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